Friday, April 06, 2012

Thirty-Seven Weeks and Six Days

Have I mentioned that this baby is super active? Like kicking and scooting his/her rump around seemingly all the time? Even the OB comments on it every time she tries to find the baby's heartbeat and the heart keeps moving out of range due to scooting. It's reassuring and delightful--though slightly less so at 3 in the A.M. And, to be perfectly frank, it's occasionally a bit exhausting during the daylight hours too. It has led us to wonder on more than one occasion whether this baby going to be awake and kicking and scooting all the time once it's born, too. Terrifying.

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  1. My daughter was insanely active all throughout my pregnancy...even during the week before her birth (she was born at 42 weeks). She just turned one and seems to have more energy than 3 of her friends combined. Loves to do yoga while nursing, horrible sleeper, been walking since 7 1/2 months. On the bright side, super-active kiddos help you lose your pregnancy weight faster, right? Plus, you'll have a Little Helper to join in chasing games!