Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Readers

I've been working on some other writing projects lately--please forgive my absence. My essay was just named (by Phillip Lopate!) as a runner-up for the Teachers & Writers Collaborative's Bechtel Prize.

And yesterday I learned that my book proposal (for which this blog has served as an exquisitely rough draft) is a contender for She Writes' Passion Project.

Also, I've been invited to read my work at Richard Hugo House's "Cheap Beer & Prose" reading series on Thursday, September 30th at 7pm. Please come. And if you don't live in Seattle, please come anyway.

(As an Iowan, it's not in my nature to brag. Thank you to my good friend and fellow Midwesterner for unwittingly granting me (and Jonathan Franzen) permission here.)

So do not fear--all is well. The baby (nine months old) still has no teeth and is not yet crawling. Her inherited late-bloomer-ness has been helping me get work done, as has our beloved babysitter.

Thanks for reading. I may have momentarily forgotten how to be modest, but I haven't forgotten you.