Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Buy a Mattress Any Way Else?

Back when we were carefree, childless newlyweds—which is to say, for four months in 2009—Dr. Husband and I consistently held a little marriage maintenance event known as “Family Meeting.” (Thank you, couples’ counselor, for this one concrete suggestion!) We went over the week’s schedule, discussed various domestic issues, offered up a compliment or two, and generally did our best to Communicate Clearly With Each Other without crying or using our angry voices or throwing wadded-up kleenexes at our husbands.

After an extended dry/busy/distracted/second-child-bearing spell, we resurrected the habit and were amused/horrified to discover that we’d held our last family meeting nearly two years ago. I was also amused/horrified to learn that the domestic issues currently bugging me are the same ones from 2010. Among them: our collective but un-acted upon desire for an unsagging mattress.

Apparently two years ago I declared that we absolutely HAD to buy a properly supportive mattress before I would even think—The hips! Oh, the aching hips!—about getting pregnant again.

Woops. Hi, second (and final) child.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Holy shit! It's been nearly a month again. What the hell?! What have I been doing with myself? I do have a piece coming out on What to Expect When You're Expecting on October 1st, but other than that I've been remiss on the writing front.

What can I say? I will try to do better. Again.

And now for the excuses! The two-year-old has been on nap boycott! The baby (5 months old!) stopped sleeping through the night! (She's now hip to the fact that Mama and Daddy are just across the hall and ALWAYS READY TO PARTY, no matter the hour. Also, every time we steel ourselves for some sleep training, she goes and gets a cold, poor/clever thing.)

My brain is goo, I'm exhausted all the way down to my fingers, and I remain skeptical that I have anything worthwhile to say.

If you like stories about shopping for new mattresses, stay tuned. If not, well, what the hell are you doing here in the first place?