Friday, December 09, 2011

The War on Drugs

Not me...Yet...
I was at a certain home furnishings/picture frame/giant candle store the other day and saw a slender, well-coiffed woman who was looking decidedly pregnant and the teensiest bit nervous. I showed her my belly (clothing on), and we did the "simultaneously pregnant" chatting thing for a bit—When are you due? Is this your first? Boy or girl?—when I decided to drop the bomb:

"The whole childbirth thing isn't actually that bad."

"Oh, thank god!" she said, visibly relieved. "That's so great to hear. I'm doing natural childbirth, so that's really great to know!"

I wanted to say, "No, I meant the epidural makes it not that bad," but I decided to let her believe what she wants. Who knows. Maybe unmedicated childbirth isn't that bad, either. I kind of hope to never have to know.

photo courtesy grietgriet, morgueFile


  1. Haha! Seriously though, the anesthesiologists from when I had my kids may be my two favorite people on earth. Or at least on the top five list. I <3 Epidurals.

  2. I'm 29 weeks with my first one and have already decided that, once I go into labor, I'm going into the hospital with a tourniquet already on my arm, ready to start my drip of drugs. Sure, I have a fairly high pain tolerance ... but why put it to the test?

  3. A very considerate and wise non-response, made even better by your posting of it.