Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bingle Balls and Whofoo Fluff

It appears to be December here in Seattle, and I know this not because my calendar (and computer and phone and child's preschool) tell me it is but because the sun is now rising at approximately 8:45am* and setting around noon**.

Never have I wanted quite so badly to string holiday lights ALL OVER THE HOUSE AND YARD, creating a spectacle rivaling those of the '80s West Texas yards of my grandparents' friends and neighbors—giant plastic illuminated reindeer and snowmen and Nativity scenes featuring the three Wise Men and Santa peering at the baby Jesus. Awesome stuff that was. Sheer ridiculous gaudy splendor. Seattle tends to be a bit more... understated. And energy conscious. And did I mention DARK?!

*Technically 7:37am.
** Technically 4:20pm.

photo courtesy paulabflat, morgueFile


  1. Ah, yes. For all the many many things we miss about Seattle, all that darkness is not one of them. The sun may be lower in the sky this time of year here in Iowa, but not quite so low, and the clouds do not always cover it.

  2. 4 pm?!? Gasp. No!

    Come on down South, Light-up Jesus is EVERYWHERE.

  3. It's a little better here, but the sun is rising when I leave for work, and it's mostly dark when I come home. I spend my days in an office. I miss sunlight!

  4. Yes, it's the clouds that make it super ridiculous. Even when the sun is there, it's not really THERE, you know? But light-up Jesus makes (or would make) ALL the difference. (Thanks for sharing your light/dark thoughts, everyone.)