Monday, December 19, 2011

My Child's Future Career in Advertising

When asked if she needs a clean diaper, the two-year-old says one of two things: "Noooooooooo." Or: "Clean AND fresh AND new."

When I asked her today if something was yummy, she said, "AND fresh and new."

I'm pretty sure she's working on an accompanying jingle, too.


  1. When I ask the almost-two-year-old if she needs a clean diaper because she smells like poop she responds "No. Barney (the dog) farting." My child's future career in law.

  2. When I ask my two year old if she has a poopy diaper and she tells me, "nope, just tinkles." she might be a future liar. :)

  3. "Don't check my pants!" My child's crime?