Friday, March 30, 2012

A Way in Which This Pregnancy Is Different From the Last

(On the off chance that you care.)

Instead of craving—and eating my weight in—strawberries, the smell of them makes me gag. Every time I open the refrigerator, I half-retch at the stench of perfectly fine strawberries that reek of rotten, poisonous fruit flesh.

(For the record, English muffins smell like bad foot funk, but only while being toasted. They're fine beforehand and afterward. WTF, hormones?)

photo courtesy krumdieck, morgueFile


  1. Right now what makes me gag is the smell of the cheap brown paper towels at work. What makes me smile is the Meyer's brand geranium-scented spray cleaner.

  2. Crazy! I'm fine with food smells (for now—we'll see how long that lasts), but getting a whiff of someone else's soap/deodorant/perfume makes me want to punch that person.

  3. With both mine just the thought of pizza made me want to retch... unless it was Totino's frozen pizza, most likely the worst possible kind of pizza.

    Also, I threw up more than once after smelling the natural cleaning supplies we have.