Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today's Random Confession

You know that new Train song? The one where the guy confesses in dorky rhyme (“When you move me, everything is groovy…”) that he really IS that into you, he was just too scared and shy and overwhelmed by his feelings at first but now he is ready to commit?

I. Love. It.

I paid $1.29 to be able to play it on repeat in my car.

This baby I’m gestating will be my second offspring to have been exposed to incessant Train in utero. Train played a very unlikely concert at a local pow-wow (for real), and as a fan from way back (back when they were the first band to sing (in dorky rhyme) about soy lattes—wait, I think they’re the only band that has ever sung about soy lattes), I jumped at my husband’s extremely unlikely suggestion that we attend the Stillaguamish Festival of the River and Pow-Wow. (His rationale: Scottish-Australian Men at Work frontman Colin Hay was performing! The randomness!) I was six months pregnant and feeling enormous and unwieldy (if only I knew what was to come! Oh, the perspective) and none too excited about sitting in the grass all day—BUT—say what you will about Train, they give GREAT concert. They were clearly well on their way to a comeback back in the summer of 2009 and now they swear to me, they’ll be here for me—and I believe them.

photo courtesy taliesen, morgueFile


  1. Oh yes. Train. I love/hate them in the unnatural way that all white girls should. (And saw them in concert way back in the 'Meet Virginia' days!)

  2. Thank you for making me feel less alone, fellow white girl.