Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twenty-Seven Weeks

So. I'm officially in my third trimester—finally/thank the lord/ohmygodIstillhavethreemonths left. I don't feel terribly huge—until I realize I'm six months pregnant, not eight or nine. Then I cry a little and try to get on with it. I'm already looking forward to dropping my maternity clothes off at the consignment shop the moment I can fit into even one non-maternity item.

In other news, you can't tell from any of these photos due to the magic of back-lighting, but it's dark and cold and rainy here—still and again. Not helping matters (still or again).

Why did we think this was a good idea, exactly? I mean, babies aren't really THAT cute, are they?

26 weeks [see note re. 18 weeks]
25 weeks [see note re. 18 weeks]
24 weeks [see note re. 18 weeks] 
23 weeks [see note re. 18 weeks]
 22 weeks
21 weeks [see note re. 18 weeks]
[at 18 weeks I REALLY didn't want my photo taken]


  1. Hi! Please email me, I have a question for you :)


  2. your last one sure was (that cute & then some).

  3. Wilson, you look fabulous!!!!!! I am totally digging that dress on your pregnant self, and your style in general. Sorry for not being in touch for ages and ages, but I send you tons of love and best wishes for an excellent and easy-going-as-possible third trimester.