Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Like Jennifer Garner, Only More So

I know, I know, I'm severely delinquent in posting a pregnancy photo—a project I never should have started in the first place, given how little I like to be photographed when pregnant. I'm no Jennifer Garder. Obviously.

That said, I did have a lovely, sunny time in Mexico (where the paparazzi is so much less intense!), made even better by the fact that we flew out of Seattle in the wee hours of a blizzard that shut the city down for many days.

The toddler transitioned beautifully to beach life, making snowmen, snowgirls, and snowcats in the sand. My pregnant self transitioned pretty well to (the good) life in Mexico, too, though I was reminded the hard way that this baby I'm growing inside me WILL NOT STAND FOR ONIONS, dammit. (Yes, I sometimes still barf in my third trimester of pregnancy. Be warned: it could happen to you!)

The highlight was probably the fact that we befriended a very, very fit (and mysteriously tan) family from Vancouver, and I managed to let myself be seen by them in a bathing suit* without having a nervous breakdown.

* I went with my retro-styled one-piece with lots of ruching. Thank god once again for ruching.

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