Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parenthood Has Eaten My Brain

In my continuous Googling of warm, sunny places (an activity that usually doesn't become unavoidable until January but after our unseasonably grey summer has become necessary now even though, for the record, I prefer cool, somewhat overcast weather, even I have my limit of how low my vitamin D can dip before I go insane), I learned that Elmo lives at an all-inclusive Jamaican resort!
Who knew? (You'd think with all that fur, he might choose someplace cooler and less sunny—like, say, Seattle.)

The idea of a warm, beachy vacation in which Elmo swings by during breakfast to say a quick hello and give us all hugs sounds like HEAVEN. Who am I? Why would anyone want to ever encounter a five-to-six-foot-tall Sesame Street character, much less when on VACATION?

For the record, if I were contemplating a trip withOUT my toddler, an Elmo sighting would be HELL... Unless I had my camera with me... Then it would actually be kind of fun to photo-document and send to the toddler at home to show her that Mama is cool. Mama hangs with Elmo—even on vacation.

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