Monday, October 24, 2011

Fifteen Weeks

This is what 3/8ths of a baby looks like, friends. Well, 3/8ths of a baby plus a whole lot of cereal. (Though it looks sunny there beyond that tree, don't be fooled. That's just some sort of weird Seattle trick of the light. It's actually quite chilly and pouring rain. I can't stop Googling the Bahamas...)

On Saturday I managed to go three whole hours without eating (or barfing from not eating (one of the many beautiful paradoxes of pregnancy), which was really convenient as it allowed me to get a bunch of errands done without having to stop and feed the fetus all the freaking time, and I thought maybe I was out of the woods with the whole nausea/barfing thing, given that I am IN MY SECOND TRIMESTER and all—but no. Not quite. It was just a blip. A heavenly day of feeling okay. I look forward to more of them soon. Right, pregnancy gods? Soon?


  1. You look great! And I love those shoes. They are super cute! And I am also very jealous of your rain. It was 80 here today. All I want is some cold.

  2. Thanks, Emily. And, yes, the weather often seems to be a "grass is greener" type of deal. We're getting some sun today--maybe you're getting rain, wherever it is you live. Arizona? Wyoming? Nevada? Mexico?