Monday, October 17, 2011

Fourteen Weeks

I was in the shower today and looked down and realized I couldn't see much of my feet (already!) and thought I'm not going to get much bigger than THIS, right? Hah hah hahahahhahaahahwaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Me the day before my "due date" last time—eleven days before I gave birth:

For the record, I'm officially in my second trimester now—and still barfing. How much longer, Papa Smurf?


  1. I found the first trimestery feeing hung around till around 16 weeks this time (compared to 13 weeks in my first pregnancy) - put it down to the lack of rest when you already have a toddler. Hope it shifts soon, anyway!

  2. I'm 21 weeks and STILL dealing with it! Hope it fades soon!

  3. Oh, [secrets], that's awful. I feel for you. I think mine lasted about 18 weeks or so last time--my memory is fuzzy in that way that seems to happen around issues of pregnancy and childbirth to ensure we continue to propagate the species. I'm hoping that this time will be different (as everyone says) -- but in a better way, not worse. Nausea sucks worse than SO MANY OTHER THINGS.