Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Butterfly Effect

I woke up this morning knowing that my baby is a girl.

I am 0% confident that this means I’m actually having a girl, as sometimes I wake up in the morning “knowing” that I’m in my childhood bed or that I’m still single and need to get busy looking for a mate.

When I poke and prod at this “knowledge” I have about my offspring, it becomes indistinguishable from sheer wishful thinking. So, Dr. Fiancé and I settled on a baby girl name 12 months ago whereas I’m having second, third, and fourth thoughts about the boy name we also “settled” on months ago—that isn’t the universe telling me that this child is a girl. It’s just the universe telling me that one shouldn’t choose names so far in advance—and that the girl name we chose kicks total ass.

Speaking of kicking, where are those much-advertised baby kicks? As far as I know, I haven't felt any yet, though I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be feeling. I’m certainly having intermittent cramps, but reportedly baby kicks at this point feel like butterflies pounding their wings against the walls of your uterus—and any moron would know what that feels like.


  1. maybe the universe *is* telling you something! sorry, is that not helpful?

    hope you're evening was plantastic & that you have safe and happy travels.

  2. "butterflies pounding their wings against the walls of your uterus"

    sounds about right! It is how "Butterfly" became Mister Finn's first name.

    So did you decide on finding out the gender?

    I've been thinking your bean is a girl lately....

    xo s

  3. I thought it felt like a little fish darting about in there at first.

    Now it just feels like, y'know, a baby lives inside my belly and she likes to kick and punch me. (I'm 28 weeks now.)

    You'll know it when you feel it :)