Friday, September 30, 2011


I took the baby to a consignment store today to shop for shoes (damn they go through those things quickly) and some new puzzles (ditto the damn) and some long-sleeved shirts which shouldn't be that hard to find but for some strange reason are (???). We came away with all the necessary items PLUS this gem for the new baby (because second-born children need a toy or two of their own (said the second-born child)):


Of course the first-born child claimed it as her own in the car on the way home, wearing the rings as very styling and Halloween-y bracelets. Nonetheless, I consider it an inspired purchase. Something about it captures exactly how I'm feeling these days—especially when the head pops off:

Happy last day of September (WTF?! and thank god I only have 6+ pregnancy months left), everyone.

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