Monday, October 26, 2009

One Day at a Time

I had my 60th or so visit to the obstetrician today. She said the most likely window for delivery of this baby is between November 5th and 12th—two whole weeks from now! She then guessed the 10th as my delivery date—based on what, I do not know, but she was looking at my chart and wearing scrubs when she said it, so it seemed credible, even though I'm pretty sure these things can't be predicted. Otherwise, shouldn't she be running some sort of psychic network rather than peering into cervixes all day?


  1. glass ball : cervix :: po-tay-toe : po-tah-toe

  2. your comment : appreciated :: having this baby exist outside my body : desired

  3. us lit nerds have to stick together. you should hear me squeal over form and craft poetry books...i am checking back daily for any news! ...i hear s/he has to come out sometime...