Friday, March 06, 2009


Dr. Fiancé and I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina today to visit my aunt and uncle the minister who’s performing our wedding ceremony.

I checked my calendar yesterday, and my period was due last Saturday, give or take. “Maybe you’re pregnant,” Dr. Fiancé grinned, but I assured him I’m crampy and feel like I’m just about to get my period—it’s just taking its sweet time in getting started for some reason. “I’ve never heard of feeling like you’re going to get your period being a sign of pregnancy,” I said, as I climbed over him to get into my seat after heading to the bathroom for the third time on the flight to check my cycle’s progress. He pointed out that he’s never heard of someone feeling like they’re just about to get their period for a whole week. “Maybe there’s something wrong with me,” I proposed to no avail. We’ll just wait another few days and see.

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