Friday, March 01, 2013

Just a Bug

I have a virus. The preschooler had it first, then her dad, then me. So I know it's a virus.

A virus that causes nausea.

And makes certain foods smell weird and unappealing.

And creates cravings for foods you wouldn't normally think you'd want when you had a stomach bug.

Like pizza and grilled cheese and doughnuts.

Yes, if I didn't have an IUD I'd be freaking the fuck out.

If the preschooler weren't walking around bitching about the smell of sausage frying and broccoli steaming and spinach wilting, I'd be freaking the fuck out.

If I weren't having my period RIGHT NOW, I'd be freaking the fuck out.

Because, people, my uterus is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. Permanently. No more babies. They're super cute, but no more. I can't take any more cuteness.

photo courtesy dieraecherin, morgueFile

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