Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sweeter Than a Hallmark Commercial

Dr. Fiancé and I took a long walk this morning, heading a litle further north than we normally do and ending up near one of Seattle’s premeire private schools—the “artsy fartsy” one that still manages to look like a place the Obamas would consider sending their girls.

One of the beautiful old brick buildings had a porch with an old-fashioned rocking chair swaying in the breeze and a memorial plaque that included the Charlotte’s Web quote, “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.”

“It would be so cool to walk our kids to school,” I said, all casual-like, flicking the pregnancy-induced tears out of my eyes. Why wouldn’t I want to send my kid to a school with quotes like that on the wall? And maybe a better use of my energies isn’t to talk Dr. Fiancé into public school, which, frankly, I’m ambivalent about, but to make sure our kid gets lots of art classes and access to rocking chairs and Charlotte’s Web quotes.

“I’d be thrilled if my kids went here,” Dr. Fiancé beamed. “It’s a really good school!” Then he took my hand in his and we headed home and then to the antique jewelry store to look for old, arty, classy wedding rings.

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