Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Selective Advertising

What is it with people who talk your ear off on airplanes? I don’t mind a tiny bit of light banter—just enough to make it less awkward when your knees knock together while you reach up for your bag of salmonella peanuts or when you have to climb over their lap to make it to the bathroom. I just don’t understand how people can be oblivious to such “I don’t want to chat” social cues as holding a book in front of your face or turning your entire body sideways to look out the darkened window or closing your eyes and lightly snoring.

My companion today seemed to know he was being annoying, making comments like, “I should let you read” quickly followed by, “Look at this valentine my youngest made me before I left this morning saying Daddy Daddy wait I have something to give you she’s normally a better artist than this but she was in a hurry such a creative kid too smart for public school my wife home-schools our four kids the oldest is fourteen and starting college I write software for flight simulators my wife has a master’s in psychology would have been a PhD but her advisor wanted her to cut up rat brains what do you write about?”

What do I write about.

I’ve never been good at summary—if I were I probably wouldn’t be an essayist and certainly wouldn’t have to write an entire blog to sort out my life. What do I write about? “My life... You know... stuff that happens.”

Clearly I need to work on my pitch.

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  1. This sounds like my boyfriend; "but I should let you read..."