Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little Too Emily Dickinson Around Here

Why is it that UPS deliverymen are always so unbelievably hot? You might argue it’s the sexiness of those little brown shorts they wear in the summer, but it’s unseasonably cold here—below freezing for maybe the first time in six years of mild Seattle living—and the unbelievably hot UPS guy who just came to the door was all covered up in long pants, a jacket, and a ski cap and still he was delicious! I’m sitting in my pajamas on the couch covered up with blankets and surrounded by sexy morning essentials like a dirty coffee mug, a crumpled bag formerly containing a slice of pumpkin bread, and a pile of used kleenex, and the UPS guy waved! At me! Oh, the thrills of being a stay-at-home writer!

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