Friday, November 14, 2008

Band Names

I came across the word “soup” on a scrap of paper earlier today, written next to the name “Debra Mayhew.” I haven’t been feeling culinarily inspired lately—and by “lately” I mean for the past two or three years—but when I saw Ms. Mayhew’s soup cookbook at a friend’s house a few weeks ago I felt myself almost wanting to make some of the recipes in the “autumn” section—those rich, creamy mushroom soups and thick, orange squash purees... I looked the book up on the library’s on-line catalog this afternoon, and it said that it could not find any results for “Debra Mayhew”—was I perhaps trying to search for “zebra mayhem”? So I searched for “zebra mayhem.” I was pretty disappointed when I got zero results for that, too.

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